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Call me on 07710 628449 for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss the problems you are having and how I can help you and your dog. Don’t worry that your puppy won’t make any new friends and become antisocial, speak to a professional today.

To ensure your puppy grows into a happy and balanced member of your family he needs to meet new people, experience new places and get used to your everyday family ‘routine’, and all the usual comings and going that happen on a day to day basis. 

This might feel impossible to do during lockdown, and failure to properly train your puppy could mean he turns into a teenage tearaway that is a nightmare to walk, who is frightened of strangers and barks fearfully at people and dogs or doesn’t want to leave your house for a walk.



Coventry’s Puppy Training Specialist

Carrie Stuthridge, author of The Perfect Puppy Pocket Plan, is your guide to help you create a Confident Canine.

Puppy & Dog Training Classes in Coventry

Do you feel Nervous? Anxious? Maybe you are paranoid that the social distancing will mean you can’t give your puppy the best start in life?

Are you not sure if you are ‘getting it right’? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with advice from anyone and everyone.

If you are unsure what to do next or worried you are ruining your puppy, don’t worry any longer as I can help with professional dog training techniques. Whether you need help with jumping up, toilet training, stealing, mouthing, polite puppy manners or just want overnight success.   Don’t worry any longer, as that dream puppy is closer than you think.

By attending my unique puppy training classes or booking onto one of my Perfect Puppy Packages, a well-behaved, calm and easy to care for dog who is the envy of your friends is just a phone call away on 07710 628449.

Message me online today.


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What our Customers say......

I have just finished my first block of 4 puppy classes with Carrie and I have already signed up for the next lot! From my initial enquiry, Carrie has been extremely professional and helpful. I cannot recommend her highly enough! The classes are so useful and I’m really happy with the progress. And I can tell my puppy is learning, he’s exhausted afterwards. Result!
”We have just started a journey for our dog! We have some fantastic plans in place to do some behaviour modification and confidence building to help our dog feel more settled. Carrie is very thorough and has a really good knowledge of dog behaviour. We have a way to go but so far so good”
Carrie walks our two dogs for us regularly and I highly recommend her service. Our dogs have very different needs which Carrie has taken the time to understand & then find ways to keep them both happy on their walks. Oscar requires a handler who can manage his instincts to go off and hunt for things, and Carrie is one of the few people I trust to manage him safely off the lead. I’m pretty fussy with who I trust with my dogs, but have never worried about them at all since Carrie took their walks over. Book in now before the spaces run out!
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Mel Blakemore
Oscar & Simba
Carrie helped my 2 reactive dogs. They have come on leaps and bounds. So grateful for all her help. Techniques are clear with written instructions. She also keeps in touch to check your progress. I love the way my dogs have responded to the training their confidence has skyrocketed and my boy Ripley is now much easier to handle at the vets and calmer on walks
dog trainer coventry 121 obedience dog walker puppy training classes dog-reactive-dog
Hayley Carroll
Ripley & Shula
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Separation anxiety pro trainer