The purpose of these Terms &Conditions are for the interest of safety, responsibility and welfare for our clients and to protect the care of your animal.
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will take immediate effect and it is the responsibility of our clients to read these.

It gives Carrie’s Canines & Friends the consent to seek Veterinary care on your behalf or to remove or instruct a third party to provide care for your Animal should we need to.
It protects Carrie’s Canines & Friends to be reimbursed for the work we do and for the costs that we incur.
It serves as a document of continuous protection to the company and the Brand.
It protects the rights of the staff to be treated in a respectful and fair manner.
It provides that Carrie’s Canines & Friends shall endeavour to Act in a reasonable and responsible manner in all situations.
The contract also provides that the conduct of the client shall be respectful of the relationship between a service provider and customer.

1. Terms Used
2. Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service
3. 1:1 Training Sessions & Behaviour Consultations
4. Training Classes
5. Termination, Grievance, Social Media, Legal

1 – TERMS USED          
● For the purpose of this contract “Carrie’s Canines & Friends” or similar phrase shall refer to the persons employed by the company in either full time, part time, voluntary or in a sub-contract role. It shall also represent agency workers contracted to carry out work on behalf of the Company and all trainee or work experience personnel.
● The “Company” shall refer to the business that is operated by Miss C Stuthridge offering goods or services to the client in reference to requests and bookings made by the client.
● The “Client” or “Owner” shall refer to the signatory of document or to any third party person or persons requesting or booking goods and services on behalf of the signatory from the company or any representative of the company representative.
● The term “Animal” “Animals” “Pet” or “Pets” shall refer to, but not be exclusive to, all animals currently known to man and not yet known to man. Included and not limited to Domesticated or wild animals. Dogs, cats, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles, Cattle, Horses, Exotic species, Endangered species, carnivores, Herbivores and Cabalistic animals. Animals kept in family environments, working and breeding animals, show animals, and those used by the police or military. For the purpose of this contract it shall also refer to and species extinct or yet to be discovered.
● The “term” of the contract shall be from the date of registration or first contact & shall continue until formal termination by the Company. The term shall apply indefinitely & from time to time should the client engage the services of Carrie’s Canines & Friends and should we engage their service in the future.

● Carrie’s Canines & Friends is authorised to perform care and services as outlined in this contract.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends are fully authorised by these terms to seek and obtain veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to treatment, expense and transportation. Whilst we endeavour to take every reasonable care at all times Carrie’s Canines & Friends shall not be held liable for loss, injury, incapacitation or death of animal(s) due to their highly unpredictable nature.
● The client shall reimburse Carrie’s Canines & Friends for all expenses incurred during the contract term including, but not limited to any additional food supplies, bedding, transport, cleaning costs, Legal costs and third party care if required.
● In the event of inclement weather, act of terrorism, war or other occurrences outside of the control of Carrie’s Canines & Friends, we shall endeavour to do the best by our clients and their pets and provide the service requested by the client, but may need to recruit a third party’s help under such circumstances.

● Carrie’s Canines & Friends agrees to provide the services specified in this contract.  The client agrees that this contract also serves as a contract for prompt payment of fees for services tendered.
● Pet Sitting – 50% of booking is due within 3 days of signing up for our 5* Luxury Cat Care Services and is non refundable.  Full payment is due 2 weeks before of our first visit.  Weekends are charged at time and a half.  Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and all other bank holidays are charged at double time.

● Dog Walking Adventures – we request payment be made before the walks start the following week, by the Sunday.  Cancellation – Less than 48 hours notice charged at 50%.  Less than 24 hours notice charged at full price.  Due to us not being able to fill the walk in short notice.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends reserves the right to impose a fee of £30 per invoice outstanding after 31 days.  Carrie’s Canines and Friends reserves the right to retain any bogus notes or Cheques and pass them over to the police along with the details of the owner’s name and address. The client relinquishes all claims in respect of data protection in this event.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends reserves the right to pass any account to a third party debt collection solicitor. The client acknowledges acceptance of all costs incurred including and not limited to postage, phone calls, solicitors fees, court fees, transport, loss of earnings, and associated costs also to include meetings, hotel fees and food.
● The client agrees that any subcontractor may enter the property to carry out services at any time, this includes and is not limited to current and future staff members under the umbrella of Carrie’s Canine Friends or third parties whether introduced or unknown to the client.  The clients will always be made aware of any changes.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends shall carry out the service requested by the client and the client agrees prompt and unrestricted payment.  In the event of a service being incorrectly or poorly completed or in the event of the failure of Carrie’s Canines & Friends to provide the service, the client shall have seven days from the date of provision of service with which to raise the matter with Carrie’s Canines & Friends.
● The client shall not withhold payment for the service or product and a Fee of £30 per invoice shall be applied in the event of withheld payment. It shall remain at the discretion of Carrie’s Canines & Friends to confirm or deny reimbursement of payments for any service or product in question.  In all matters a mutually agreeable conclusion shall be sought.
● The client understands that dog walks are not available on Bank holidays and animal visits are charged at double rate.
● The client understands that dogs are only towel dried after walks, but where possible dogs will be rinsed off to leave them as clean as possible in their home.

●The client understand that by ticking and signing the contract allowing Carrie’s Canines & Friends employee or volunteer to have your dog(s) off lead for activity and play.   The client is aware and agrees that the client’s dog(s) may be off-leash on walks in order to provide maximum exercise and play for client’s dog(s). The client agrees and takes responsibility that should the client’s dog(s) run away or be injured during the off-leash play time, Carrie’s Canines & Friends, employee or volunteer will not be held liable for any damages resulting to people or other animals or to the Client’s dog(s).

● Should a Carrie’s Canines & Friends employee or volunteer be bitten, scratched or otherwise exposed to illness, injury or disease from or by the clients animal, then the client shall be responsible for payment of all costs incurred, including and not restricted to incapacity, medical treatment, hospitalisation and on-going care. The client shall be responsible for all costs related to the incident, including and not restricted to loss of earnings, compensation of injured person, legal fees and on-going care.



One to One Training Packages
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends one to one training and behaviour sessions are conducted at the clients home or at a suitable agreed location.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends may require the client, prior to booking a one to one training and behaviour session, to carry out full health check for their dog with their vet and report all findings back to Carrie’s Canines & Friends. This may be required to rule out any potential underlying medical causes.
● A booking form confirming the day and time is sent prior to the appointment along with a pre-visit questionnaire. The booking is not confirmed until the non refundable payment is received for the package booked and the booking form returned with questions answered to the best of the clients knowledge.  The client acknowledges that the payment is non-refundable.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends reserve the right to change the appointment if a circumstance out of their control occurs, but will endeavour to rearrange the appointment at a suitable day and time for the client.
● During the consultation, the booking form will be discussed in detail with advice given throughout the session. Practical demonstrations are included in the session with step by step instructions and ensured the client understands the demonstrations so that they are able to carry on with the training techniques.
● Carrie’s Canines and Friends will follow up the session with a full action plan by email, with any relevant handouts, this will be sent by email within 7-10 days after the appointment.

● Aftercare support is provided for 8 weeks after the final session booked from the package, It is encouraged for the client to liaise with Carrie’s Canines & Friends after the visit for ongoing support via email and telephone.  The client understands it may be necessary for the more complex issues that follow-up sessions are required.  Any follow-up visits further to that, will be charged accordingly on top of the training package booked.  The client agrees and acknowledges that animal aggression can cause injury, including fatal injury, to other animals and people and the client is to take responsibility to ensure that their animal does not harm in the future and to follow all health and safety advice given by Carrie’s Canines & Friends.
● Management and Health and Safety techniques may involve but are not limited to, keeping the dog on a lead, the use of a muzzle, informing others of their dog’s aggressive tendencies, not mixing with certain types of people or other dogs and confinement behind fencing and doors if and when required.
● The client remains responsible for their dogs at all times and Carrie’s Canines & Friends advise they have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or to a third party. Carrie’s Canines & Friends strongly recommended that the clients dog is insured for third party liability with or without vet cover.
● Working on a behaviour modification programme for aggression is not a guarantee for success, having an awareness that once a behaviour is learned if the dog is put in a compromised position they may revert to the previously learned behaviour.

● The client acknowledges that to guarantee their place in a class, payment must be made in full by BACS before attendance to a class.  By completing and returning the booking form, the client acknowledges that they are aware of our terms and conditions.  Confirmation of the clients booking will be forwarded by email.
● The client agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure they arrive at the right venue and at the correct time. Carrie’s Canines & Friends reserve the right of attendance for all courses and training services.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends cannot guarantee a place on a course unless prior payment has been made in full.
● The client acknowledges that if a place is requested to be reserved on a course without returning of a booking form alongside payment, there is no assurance a space can be reserved for them on the course.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends will endeavour to contact the client when classes are close to being full.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends limit the number of dogs in their classes to a maximum of 8. The client agrees and understands that they must not knowingly book a dog that shows aggression onto a course, unless it is a workshop or class aimed at their specific issues.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends reserve the right to remove dogs that are shown to be aggressive in class, unless Carrie’s Canines & Friends have assessed the clients dog and agreed it would be beneficial for a re-socialisation into class.
● The client acknowledges that if they do not advise Carrie’s Canines & Friends of potential problems and their dog shows aggression in class, that the client will not be entitled to a refund.
● The client agrees that they will contact Carrie’s Canines & Friends  to confirm whether their dog is suitable for the class. The client acknowledges that if they are unsure about their dog’s suitability in a class environment and have not requested an assessment before their attendance, they will not be entitled to a refund.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends will ensure that if the client’s dog attends a class and it is decided that it is not yet suitable for the class environment that alternative arrangements will be made, such as one to one training sessions.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends are unable to refund course fees once the course has commenced, the client acknowledges that partial refunds for missed classes are not given. The client must notify Carrie’s Canines & Friends when booking the course if they will miss a class.
● Any accidents or issues involving a person or a dog must be reported immediately to the trainer.
● Cars are parked at their owner’s risk.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends do not accept any responsibility for theft or damage to cars or property whilst at training.
● The client understands that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times on the premises of Burton Green Village Hall (unless otherwise instructed) and agrees to keep a distance from other dogs arriving at class.
● The client understands  dog etiquette must be adhered to at all times.  Entrances and exits must not be crowded at any time.  The client is to respect the personal space of other dogs and ensure they stand at an appropriate distance until the clients trainer advises the correct social introductions.
● Dogs must not be allowed to play before a class, as this can cause over-arousal and lack of attention to owners during class.  Dogs must have time to relieve themselves before entering the venue for class.  It is vital the client is a responsible dog owner and must always clean up after their dog.  Please take home all poo bags after the session.  The clients agree to switch mobile phones off (or onto silent) during class and Carrie’s Canines & Friends requests the client does not hold conversations on their phone during class.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends may occasionally record for promotional purposes, however please alert Carrie’s Canines & Friends if you do not wish to appear or to be filmed.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends training club is an inside venue and training involves practical handling.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends advises the client to wear appropriate shoes and clothing.  Please wear comfortable flat boots/trainers/etc for safety reasons, as the client will be required to be moving about.
● The clients is required to follow instructions at all times, including all safety instructions and the client understands that they are not to use equipment when their trainer is not present.
● Equipment is designed for dog use only and under the instruction of Carrie’s Canines & Friends for health and safety.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends request the client must keep to areas designated only for our training purposes.  All dogs must be kept under the owner’s control and on a lead at all time, except where specifically instructed by our instructors. The client is responsible for the conduct of their dog at all times. We provide a safe and secure environment as practicably reasonable and endeavour to apply good practices with all our training services.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends endeavour to run all classes in a safe and professional manner as possible.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends also takes all reasonable precautions when providing behavioural services to minimise the risk of injury from being bitten. However remote, dog training is not without risk therefore participation in training and behaviour services is at the owner’s risk.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends or any of its individual assistants, or helpers, will not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to any persons, or dogs attending a course, or to their property however caused during the provision of dog training activities.
● Use of information or advice given in connection with the above sessions including but not limited to any liability for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or misleading or defamatory statements. Owners are advised to have appropriate pet insurance cover that includes third party liability insurance.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends has public liability and relevant business insurance to run classes and provide behavioural counselling, providing adequate cover for our business liabilities.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friend’s not take responsibility for misinterpretation of advice.  Whilst we hope the client finds the information and guidance given interesting and informative, the contents are for general information only. We believe the contents to be true and accurate as at the date of the session but can give no assurances or warranty regarding the accuracy, currency or applicability of any of the contents in relation to specific situations and particular circumstances. As such, the contents should not be relied upon and professional advice should be taken in specific cases. In addition, none of the content of the session will form any part of any contract between us or constitutes an offer by us.  Specific disclaimers may apply in addition to certain content or parts of the session.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends fully encourages all family members to attend their classes as we feel it is beneficial. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children are requested to behave appropriately in the presence of unfamiliar dogs and are requested not to run in class, or distract other dogs from working. For safety reasons it is advisable all children are educated in how to approach an unfamiliar dog, if the client requires further guidance regarding this, please contact Carrie’s Canines & Friends before the commencement of the classes.  If the client provides their children with entertainment during a class, please ensure it is quiet and will not distract the class.
● The client acknowledges that cancellations for a course that has been paid for requires at least 48 hours notice. Carrie’s Canines & Friends are unable to refund course fees once the course has commenced. Any refund will incur a £20.00 administration fee. The client understands and agrees that no refunds are given for non-attendance to a course.
● Insufficient numbers booked onto a course may result in the course being postponed or cancelled. In this instance the client will be notified of future course dates or offered private tuition. If this is not acceptable, a full refund will be given.
● Requests for a refund and any cancellations, including for one-to-ones are made at the discretion of Carrie’s Canines & Friends and any decision is made on a case-by-case basis.
● Please arrive in time for each class as latecomers can be disruptive to the other dogs in class.
● In accordance with IABTC’s and Carrie’s Canines & Friends Code of Practice, Carrie’s Canines & Friends practise positive and reward based methods.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends does not condone the use of aversive methods of any type.  Harsh handling of dogs is discouraged and the use of check chains and aversive methods, including lead jerking, shouting or smacking, is not permitted at any time.  The client understands and agrees they may not use any gadget or device in class that  Carrie’s Canines & Friends consider to be aversive.  This includes but is not exclusive to – slips leads, pinch collars, spray collars, compressed air canisters, rattle cans, water pistols or any other device or method that has potential to cause injury, pain or fear. If the clients continues to use harsh methods when asked not to, the client will be asked to leave our classes and not return.
● Welfare and safety of all dogs is paramount to Carrie’s Canines & Friends. Dogs in an unfit state of health due to illness, disease or injury must not attend class. The clients agrees not bring their dog to class if the dog has been in contact with an infectious disease, such as kennel cough or conjunctivitis.
● It is the clients responsibility to contact their vet if they are unsure as to whether their dog is well enough to attend.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends encourage the client to attend the class without their dog if they are unable to attend due to illness or injury, as it will still be beneficial to the client and so the client is able to maintain continuity of training.
● Dogs are required to be adequately protected by vaccination, as advised by the clients vet, and verification is to be presented at the first class.
● Bitches in season are not permitted to attend a class. The client is to notify Carrie’s Canines & Friends if they consider their bitch may come into season during a course. Refunds are not given though we may offer alternative arrangements, such as deferring to another course.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends reserves the right to change the content, timing, dates, venue or instructor but will endeavour to avoid this.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends will endeavour to avoid this, but sometimes it may be unavoidable, particularly with changes in the weather meaning we have to postpone a session.   If a booking is cancelled due to the weather, Carrie’s Canines & Friends will let the client know by text and/or telephone at least an hour before the start of the clients class. We will then reschedule all the bookings to an alternative week or course date. Carrie’s Canines & Friends will not be liable for any losses or expenses arising from amendments to the course or cancellations.


● Carrie’ Canines & Friends reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, before or during its term if, in its sole discretion.  Carrie’s Canines & Friends determines that the clients animals pose a threat to staff or public or that the owners treatment or use of the animal is not in the best interest of the animals health and welfare, or if the financial situation of the client leaves their account in arrears or the client or client’s representative’s behaviour is deemed unacceptable.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends acknowledges the clients right to privacy and anonymity and the protection of their data and any information held regarding the client’s address, financial position, banking details and home security details. The client gives Carrie’s Canines & Friends the right to retain, reproduce and disseminate this information to its staff, Legal advisories, Accountants and other third parties in Conjunction with the running of the business.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends agrees not to sell or divulge these details to third party advertisers or database companies.
● The client acknowledges that their information may be past in part or in whole, including historic information to relevant authorities regarding their conduct or if requested of Carrie’s Canines & Friends (for example RSPCA/POLICE/ANTI TERROR/COURTS)
● The client also acknowledges that in the event of sale of the business their details will be shared with the parties involved in the sale including solicitors, third party agent and the potential or new owner.
● The client acknowledges the right for Carrie’s Canines & Friends to take images, videos and electronic data of the client’s animals and disseminate this information via web site, social media, advertisement or email and relinquishes all rights to recompense, payment, compensation or royalty from incomes or rewards resulting from the images. *image shall mean any photograph, digital image, sketch, character or other depiction in whole or part of the client’s animal(s) The same shall apply to depictions of the owners or members of the public known to the owners.  This is only applicable when agreed with the client and relevant box ticked on the booking form.
● The client acknowledges the right of Staff to be treated fairly and respectfully regardless of Race, colour, creed, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, gender reassignment, lifestyle outside of the business or political view.  The client understands that these beliefs are not representative of Carrie’s Canines & Friends or it’s policy’s and agrees to act in a manner conducive with the rights of staff relative to their human rights. The client also acknowledges that any threat, violence or language deemed to be unpleasant levied at staff will be reported to the police and the client also acknowledges that in any event the client will be responsible for all payments of loss of work, loss of staffing, legal fees and any cost of counselling, including and not limited to; on-going care, accommodation, replacement staffing and legal fees
● Whilst Carrie’s Canines & Friends shall endeavour to provide the service as described and within the limitations of acceptable constraints regarding, working hours, transportation, weather, physical ability and unexpected situations detrimental to the ability of Carrie’s Canines & Friends to provide a continuity or level of care conducive with the expectations of the client. The client acknowledges that their expectations may be unmet due to human error, including and not limited to, clerical error, misunderstandings, illness, personal, social and domestic problems, workload etc.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends takes complaints about our work, staff and levels of service very seriously.  If the client is not satisfied, please contact Carrie’s Canines and Friends on the below contact details so that we are able to resolve the issue.
● The client agrees (this applies to dog walking contracts with Carrie’s Canines & Friends that are ongoing) to give Carrie’s Canines & Friends 14 days’ notice if they wish to terminate the contract, unless unforeseen circumstances arise.  If less than two weeks notice is given, the client will be charged at 50% the normal rate.
● The clients understands that under Consumer Rights Act the client may cancel their purchase within a period of 14 working days beginning the moment the client places their order. However, there is no right of cancellation where the class, 121 or behaviour consultation begins within this 14 day period.
● The client acknowledges that there will be no right to cancel or receive a refund for any service following the 14 days after making the order.
● Refunds for home visits cannot be given unless the animal has been re-homed or no longer in the owner’s possession.
● Carrie’s Canines & Friends may send out an occasional email newsletter which we would encourage the client to opt in to receiving to find out about future training. If the client does not wish to receive this please unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending an email to info@carriescanines.co.uk

These are our Standard Terms and Conditions and Shall be enforced where it is deemed appropriate.

Carrie’s Canines & Friends have a successful relationship with clients and in any situation will try and work with clients in the event of financial difficulty, complaint or concern, for a resolution that it mutually agreeable and suitable for all parties.

We want to work together with you, the client.

We are committed to developing relationships with clients and being able to help whenever possible.

Miss Carrie Stuthridge
Carrie’s Canines & Friends
47 Cromwell Lane, The Pines, Burton Green, Coventry, CV4 8AQ
Tel: 024 76 291076
Mobile: 07710 628449

In an emergency or any questions, please contact Carrie Stuthridge on any of the above contact details.