My Top Tips on Pet Insurance

Is your pet insured?

Do you have enough money to cover vet bills should your pet become ill?

What would you do if you pet needed emergency surgery?  Do you have enough spare money each month if you pet need monthly medication.

I used to have a dog that needed expensive medication monthly for a skin condition all of this life and has he got older he also got arthritis, a heart condition which developed and was pretty accident prone too!

You may be wondering what breed he was!  Did I not get the parents health checked?

He was a rescue and a unknown cross breed from Dogs Trust…don’t they always say crossbreeds are healthier? It wasn’t the case with Tye!  But I wouldn’t have changed him for the world!

I don’t know what I would have done without insurance, with his heart condition we had to go see a specialist which was in the £1000’s, then he needed medication for his heart daily, his monthly tablets for his skin condition were £200 per month on their own.

I would highly recommend that you get insurance for your pet, to give you peace of mind.

What to look for in a good insurance company?

Have they got adequate cover should your pet develop a lifelong condition or be subject to a   serious injury? People are more likely to claim on their pet insurance than on their car or home insurance policies, so ensuring you have the right cover in place is vital to your vets.

There are generally three types of policy that you can buy, all of which do slightly different things:

  • Lifetime policies: cover is provided to a set amount each year which is continued as long as there is no break in the cover, i.e. you continue to pay the premiums and renew the policy each year
  • Time-limited policies: cover is provided to a set amount per condition but will only be covered for a twelve month period from the first date of treatment, after this the condition will no longer be covered
  • Maximum benefit policies: cover is provided up to a maximum amount per condition, once this amount has been reached the condition will no longer be covered

I personally use Petplan pet insurance as they are a specialist provider and  I have had good experience with them.  Yes they are not the cheapest, but i want to be sure my dogs are covered if something unexpected happens to them.  I’ve never had issues claiming and have my pets covered for life.

Remember (as far as I’m aware) if you have insurance currently and have claimed, most insurance companies will not insure pre-existing conditions.  Some companies will also have a limit on each condition you may claim for, whilst other may put the premium up when your dog reaches old age.  So its important you read the small print and understand the policy you are paying for.

All these things need to be considered when choosing your insurance company, please do not just go with the cheapest insurance!

Carrie Stuthridge runs and owns Carrie’s Canines & Friends which provides Dog Walking, One to One Dog Training, Behaviour Consultations & Small Pet Care Services in Coventry.