How to choose a dog walker?

You have the date your new dog is coming home, you have bought in food and have their crate set up ready.

Its a super exciting time adding the new addition to your family!

You’ve taken off a week off work to settle the new dog in…what happens after that?

Maybe you can work from home a couple of days a week, maybe your mum has offered to pop in on the Monday for you.
But what about the other days? Can you drive home from work a couple of times in the day?

You ideally shouldn’t leave a dog from more than 4 hours on their own, so can you be sure you can build this into your work day? What happens if you get stuck in a meeting at work?

Its time to weigh up some options of what is available in your town for dog care whilst you cant be there, so it stops you feeling guilty when you can be with them

Why rely on friends and family when you can entrust a professional to give the care you need to your dog and on your terms! No more arguments with mum that she turned up to see you dog two hours after you agreed with her because she was busy at bingo and in that time Hunter had ripped up the cushions off the sofa and toileted at the back door!

There will be a wide range of dog walkers in your area offering anything from pop in visits to longer adventures. There is doggie day care, do you want them to have company all day?

How do you choose?

Doggie Day Care – your dog can spend half a day or a full day with a pack of other dogs and have company all day. Sounds ideal right?  This may be a good option for you if your dog has issues with separation anxiety, as it gives them company they need and wont be stressed when you are not there. But, be aware this is not suitable for all dogs.  Some will thrive in this environment, others may struggle.  It finding what is right for your dog.
Ask some questions, make sure you know how the day care is run. How many walks do they have and for how long? What do they do on the walks? What happens between walks? Where can they sleep? Do they have time out from the other dogs? You want to know what happens from when you drop your dog off until when you collect them in the evening – or do they do that for you? It may be an additional option to have your dog collected and dropped off.
Make sure you are asking these questions, you don’t want to leave your dog a dog day care and find out they have just been play fighting all day with other dogs, playing chase and what sounds like total chaos all day! This will be no good for any dog!

Dog Walkers – there are many options available these days to suit every type of dog and their needs! Does your dog need road walks? Do you want your dog to go to a private field and play there every day? Does your dog like going to the park? Does your dog get on with other dogs or do they need one to one walks? How many dogs are on these group walks? Your dog may need a one to one walk. What happens on the walks? Do they just let the dogs play with each other or do they interact with the dogs they are walking? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself and ask potential walkers to see who is the right for for you, as there will be one out there that is a perfect match!

Dog Adventures – this is what we offer at Carrie’s Canines, we take our dogs on adventures through woodlands or fields. We don’t use private fields or parks. We play games, like find it and fastest sit. We interact with them and get to know their likes and dislikes. We practice training so they come back to you better trained and teach them some parkour! We make sure they are dropped off home mentally tired as well as physically tired.

dog walking adventures

What ever option you choose, it must be right for your dog and suit their needs and you need to trust the person you are leaving your dog with, that they will give your dog the best time when you can’t!

If you would like some advice on what would be best for your dog, give Carrie a call and she can go through some options for you.

Or you can listen to our Facebook live on Wednesday 20th June at 7pm to find out the vital questions you need to be asking your potential dog walker!