Why hire a pet professional, when your mate can do it?

You need a dog walker for your new dog?

Or a pet sitter, so you can have a few days away?

Maybe a home boarder to care for your dog?

Your friend has offered to do it for free but can only do the first 3 days, or mum and dad want to help out but do they really need two walks a day?

You’ve discussed it as a family and the decision has been made that you don’t want to put the pressure on a friend or family member, its too much for them to do or your away for a long time and yes they ideally do need feeding before 9am.

But by using a pet professional you can ask them to do the little things, that are very important to you but to a family member may seem a bit silly, and not feel bad or guilty or asking!

‘she has a Kong after her walk’

‘you need to let him come to you’

These are a couple of things that are on my list if someone cares for my pair! and yes I have a list, not a couple of lines!

And that list changes a lot, like every time I go away.

‘Maisie can’t have the food under the stairs, but Eric can.  Maisie’s is in the hall’

‘Maisie is now on raw, Eric eats kibble as he doesn’t like raw’

Family members and friends, as well meaning as they mean to be, don’t always get it or do it the way you usually do it!

I had two weeks away, the raw food in the freezer enough for the time I was away, a list of instructions where everything is kept and to email or text with any questions.

Lovely holiday away, told dog were doing fab and not to worry.  But boy did i miss the terrible twosome!

I came home, the freezer was still full but my dog had put on weight…a miracle for sure!

When asked what she had been fed as the freezer was still full ‘I thought she just had the kibble the same as Eric?’

So how much has she been fed? (as I def didn’t leave instructions for that!)  She had just a tub per meal (which is a bit too much) then when Eric didn’t eat his (twice a day) she also ate his!

And she was already on a diet before I went! *facepalm*

And the list is still on the fridge….in full sight….yeah just ignored and followed own rules.

Think its called winging it?

Yes not the end of the world, she’s now lost the extra pounds that she was carrying and no major issues whilst I was away, but yeah not ideal……

This is where pet professionals come in!

I see them like super heros!  They will listen to the little things your pet likes and adhere to them for you, make our pet feel like number one and ensure they are fed correctly and go that extra mile!

Who likes which bowl? no problem!

Can only be walked in open fields? we can fix that!

Needs to wear a coat if it rains? of course!

So what does this mean?

This is what means you can go away on your break stress free that Spot gets fed the right food (and right amount)

or be at work and not need to worry whether the dog walker remembered to give your dog a cuddle and a chew after the walk.

So put your trust in a pet care professional…..who will care for your pet as one of their own.


I can guess your next question though, how do you choose one?

Trusting a stranger coming into your home is a massive thing!  They are going to be coming into your home whist you aren’t there and caring for the furry member of the family…..how to decide? more on that in my next blog!