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Our Service

We cover Coventry and provide your dog with an adventure whilst you are at work!

We understand that all dogs are as unique as we are and therefore our dog walks are completely tailored just for your dog.  

Our dog walkers will take care of your dog as if they are our own and give them all the attention and affection they need on their walk.

Why choose us?

As we have a excellent understanding of dogs, we know that many problems arise due to inactivity, boredom and lack of socialisation.  

Appropriate daily exercise is essential to keep your dog healthy and keeps them physically and mentally stimulated.  

So, it’s important to us that your dog is mentally stimulated when out with our dog walkers as well as physically exercised, as this will leave your dog more relaxed when left at home after their walk.  

We are not like other dog walkers!


We don’t just take your dog to a field and let them play together to wear themselves out.  By allowing your dog to play like this will more than likely make them dog obsessed and harder to handle on your walks together.  You may in turn end up with a dog that pulls or runs away from you and to be a general nightmare to walk!

We provide your dog a interactive walk with us where we play, train and entertain your dog, so whilst your dog is exercised with other dogs, he doesn’t play directly with them.  

This in turn has huge benefits for you as the owner as you know your dog will be well socialised, but wont want to run off and play with every dog he see on your walks!

Interactive walks will also help reduce boredom which can lead to behavioural problems which may include excessive barking, digging or compulsive chewing.

Where do you walk?

Our dog walkers enjoy taking them on local country walks and local parks as this makes their walks are more interesting for their senses and a more stimulating walk.   

Group Dog Walks

On our group dog walks, we only ever walk groups of up to 4 dogs at any one time and our dog walkers will assess all dogs involved and make sure that it is suitable for all dogs involved.

Unlike other companies, we like to make sure that your dog is getting the attention and interaction from the walk that they require.  

Play is very important for dogs, so having this time with our walkers will make a very happy dog!  

Walks are either 30 minute or 1 hour and your dog can be walked on or off lead, depending on your individual requirements.

We are unable to provide group adventures for reactive or aggressive dogs, but we can can refer you to one of our training packages which will help you manage your dog more easily.

This should be reassuring to you as you know you dog will never be walked with an aggressive dog.

1:1 Dog Walks

Your dog may require solo walks with our dog walkers, as they may not be sociable, older or they may have an injury.  We are able to offer this service out of our busy time.

Puppy Visits

If you have recently added a puppy to your family and are getting them into their new routine, you may require a 30 minute puppy visit.  

They will not be ready for the 30 min walks straight away, as you need be careful not to over walk them as this can damage their growing bones and joints, which can effect their development.  

So we can offer you a service where we can come round and have playtime, house training, feeding and gradually build up the walks as your puppy grows and once your puppy is ready, we can move them onto the 30 minute group dog walks, if requested.


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Get in Touch

If you’ve read all of the above and our FAQ’s and have any queries regarding our service, please get in touch with us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have

Any questions?

Dog Law - Please note that the current legalisation dictates that all dogs are required to be microchipped and when taken outside they need to have a collar and tag fitted with the name and address of the owner and a contact phone number.

Please check out our Dog Walking FAQ’s



Please note, this service is not appropriate if you are going on holiday.  

Dogs are sociable animals and need company, so we do not offer dog visits or walks as an alternative to home boarding.

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‘Carrie is very efficient, turns up on time and really cares about the dogs. I was away and my dog was poorly so she helped my mum with his medication and posted a photo on social media to reassure me. A really kind gesture which was very much appreciated.  Recommended- a personal service.’

Sheila Millar, Coventry