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Tel - 024 76 291076

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How long do you spend with my dog on each visit?

Walks are either 30 minutes or 1 hour and begin at the beginning of the walk, not when your dog is collected.

Where do you walk?

Our dog walkers enjoy taking them on local country walks and local parks as this makes their walks are more interesting for their senses and provide a more stimulating walk.   

When do I give the keys to the dog walker?

We collect keys at the registration visit, so please ensure you have a spare set of keys that have been tested. The set of keys you give us must not be in use by you or other household members. We can’t stress enough the importance of giving us a spare set and not one in use.

Can I schedule a registration visit in the evening?

Of course we can.  We understand most clients work away from home during the day.

Are dog walks available over public holidays?

We do not offer this service during public holidays, as well as festive periods such as Easter and Christmas/New Year.

How much notice do I need to give?

As much notice as possible is appreciated.  While we will always try to accommodate last-minute requests, we need  time to come around and run through the registration and meet you and your dog/s.  A weeks notice gives us time to arrange a home visit and registration.

Do I have the same dog walker every visit?

We believe in creating bonds. It is our goal to create a special relationship between dog walker, you and your pets. So yes, you will always have the same dog walker, however in the case of an emergency or if your dog walker is on holiday, another dog walker will step in and you will get the chance to either speak to or meet them.

What time do you visit?

This will be arranged with you during the registration visit.

Can I contact you for updates?

Of course you can. You may do so via text, email or call us.  We do endeavour to update you , including a photo or two of your dog depending on your agreement with dog walker.  With your permission, we will post  pictures of your pets on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Page

What happens if there is an emergency with my dog?

You will be alerted and your dog will be taken to your vet if necessary.

Are you a member of a professional pet sitting body?
There is no such thing, they are pet sitting portals.  What exists in the UK, are individuals who create web sites set up to make money and are not recognised by the UK government or DEFRA.
But, we are a members of the Federation of Small Business’, IABTC and the Kennel Club KCAI and follow their Code of Conduct as well as have my own Code Conduct and apply it to all of our company.  Links are at the bottom of the page.

The Kennel club are currently reviewing and producing a Code of Practice (due to be launched in October), this will be a key first step in the right direction in terms of setting and raising standards for canine welfare, customer care and professionalism in this sector UK-wide.

The Code of Practice aims to:

What are your payment arrangements?

An invoice is emailed to you at the end of each week, unless you have requested a paper copy. We request payment is made before the next weeks walks begin. 

Payment is via bank transfer,cash or cheque. 

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