Private Dog Training

Do you get Nervous? Anxious? Are you getting worried before setting off for your dog walk?

Are you feeling embarrassed?

If your dog is making you feel like this don’t worry any longer as we can help!

Let us help you with private one to one dog training sessions.  Whether you need help with polite manners on a one to one training basis or help with a behaviour problems such as a guarding or reactivity.

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one to one dog training

Would you like to look forward to your dog walks together again and not be pulled to the park?

Is your dog barking or lunging at other dogs?

There are many reasons why a dog’s behaviour can become undesirable and in the vast majority of cases these can be treated with our dog training sessions.

Whether you have trouble with your dog pulling you to the park or not coming back, or a behaviour issue such as reactivity, resource guarding or seperation anxiety –  our dog training session packages are here to help you.

Carrie’s Training and Behaviour dog training programmes are set out to provide you with the skills you need to help you communicate effectively with your dog and giving you the skills and tools you need for everyday life together. 

She is a reward based dog trainer and uses positive training methods which are based on science.

Carrie promotes kind and ethical dog training to the highest standards of animal welfare and will allow you to learn how to communicate with your dogs, without the need for force, covering Coventry, Kenilworth & Leamington Spa.

This is because, Carrie sees it as her job as a dog trainer and behaviourist to help you and your dog achieve results, so email and telephone support is included in the price because she just loves to hear your progression!

Contact Carrie today to your needs and she will work out a super dog training programme for you and your dog.

Our reward based private dog training and behaviour sessions are set up to help you

  • build focus for your dog who has poor recall
  • optimism and confidence for your nervous dog
  • impulse control to help with their prey drive
  • to teach some polite manners to those dogs who steal food and jump up and much more!

She will provide you with some awesome handouts to guide you through the games, and finally an action plan for you to work to.

Her goal through her dog training sessions is to help you have a well-adjusted, well behaved and socially acceptable dog.
one to one dog trainer

Training Packages

Call Carrie today for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss the problems you are having and how she can help you and your dog and which training package will suit you best.


Perfect Puppy


Your Puppy Problems Preventer, solving problems before they start.  Once we have discussed your aims and goals with your new puppy, we will have x4 puppy training sessions, where I come to your home and we train together and discuss any puppy problems you may be having and work out solutions for you.

This includes one initial visit which lasts approx. 1 hour 30 minutes, then includes x3 more 1 hour visits booked over 1-2 months.


Train Together 


After a 1-hour skype call to we go through a training questionnaire together to discuss the problems you are having and your needs, we will then work out a training plan that will work for you and your dog.

This includes x4 1 hour dog training sessions, where I come to your home or we go out on walks together (depending on your needs) booked over 1-2 months.


Done For You Training 


Do you struggle for time to train your dog? 

Then let Carrie train your dog for you.

After a 1-hour skype call to go through a training questionnaire and to discuss your needs, we will then work out a training plan to get your dog maybe walking on a loose lead or get a really rapid recall, recalling away from other dogs or people.  Maybe you’d like your dog to settle on a bed?  I can train these behaviours for you and pass the skills you need to carry on the behaviour.

This package includes x5 1 hour training walks/visits over 1 week, which can be done whilst you are at work and includes a handover walk/visit at the end of the week.  You will also be sent training videos during the week with updates on the training.

Please note some training problems may take more than 5 sessions.

Once the right training package has been chosen for you and your dog, Carrie will send you a diagnostic test by email for you to complete and return.

Our diagnostic test is an in-depth evaluation of your dog and your lives together, so we can identify the right training plan to resolve the problems you are having.

Please read our Terms & Conditions

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Please find below a recipe for Liver Cake – unsure about what other treats to use for training? Check out my blog for my top tips on treats to use!

Liver Cake Recipe


450g Self Raising Flour
450g Liver
3 Eggs
Milk or water


● Crack the eggs into a measuring jug
● Add an equal volume of milk or water to the measuring jug and whisk
● Blend the liver
● Mix all of the ingredients together to a sponge consistency
● Pour mixture into greased baking tin
● Bake until set (190 degrees/gas mark 4) for approx 35-45 minutes
● Allow to cool, then cut into titbit size pieces (about the same size as a pea)
● Freeze in suitable size portions
● Defrost before use


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Book now to become a happy partnership again

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private puppy training
  • dog-reactive-dog

    'Carrie helped my 2 reactive dogs. They have come on leaps and bounds. So grateful for all her help. Techniques are clear with written instructions. She also keeps in touch to check your progress. I love the way my dogs have responded to the training their confidence has skyrocketed and my boy Ripley is now much easier to handle at the vets and calmer on walks''

    Hayley Rvn
    Ripley & Shula
  • dog beahaviour training

    ''Carrie came to see our Jack Russell at home, who we got from a rescue center 2 weeks prior, and took a lot of interest in teaching us how to train him out of some bad habits. Carrie showed us some really useful training techniques and also gave us some paperwork with further excellent tips on during the session that also helped us. After the session, Carrie followed up with regular emails to see how our Jack Russell was getting on - and then she gave more suggestions to help his behaviour as we gave feedback on how he was responding. 3 weeks on, Carrie is still keeping in touch - and our Jack Russell's behaviour is so much better. We would highly recommend Carrie - and we'd have no hesitation in booking her again in the future if our Jack Russell is naughty again in the future. Thank you Carrie.''

    Carl Briggs
  • dog trainer coventry

    ''Excellent advice Carrie gave me the information to help me make my 7 month old puppy behave better and be the best he can be would definitely recommend her ''

    Louise Gatehouse