Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes

Dog & Puppy Training Classes – Helping you Create a Calm, Confident and Optimistic Dog with Awesome Focus!

Do you wish your dog was calmer home?

Do you dream of owning a polite mannered dog who is a pleasure to be around?

A well-behaved, calmer and easy to care for dog is closer than you think if you come to our reward based dog training classes and join our Training Community where we will set you up for success and give you the skills and knowledge you need to tackle everyday life together.

Carrie’s Canines force free, reward based dog training classes currently have two levels of training.

Pawsome Puppies for dogs 3 months to 1 year.

Core Skills for New Paws aimed at dogs over 1 year but new to the games based training.

We are here to help you with some extra guidance with life skills, responsibility and care, relationship and bond building and understanding about how dogs learn.

There are no nasty, punishment based methods in our classes

Just kind, ethical, reward-based training where we use the power of games to give you the success you need and work on

• Calmness – no more interruptions during dinner time and peaceful family evenings!
• Recall – no longer chasing after your dog, but them coming to you!
• Focus – no more being dragged to the park, but your dog walking nicely on a loose lead!
• Self Control – no more stealing food from the table, but waiting when asked!
• Polite Behaviours – to help you with jumping up, mouthing, barking, chewing, and many more!


Maximum of 6 dogs per class to ensure you get advice and support you need.

Our outdoor dog training classes that run on a 4-weekly intake, where we spend 1 hour training and then we have tea, cake and a chat after class in the hub to answer any questions you may have regarding your dog and some training tips!

Join Carrie’s Canines training community and you will be invited to our secret Facebook training support group.


‘Those that play together, stay together’


Reward based Dog Training Classes ideally situated near Coventry, Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth for your dog and puppy training needs!

Classes held at: Club Equus, Sandall House Farm, Narrow Lane, Lowsonford, Warwickshire, B95 5HN (only 25 min from Coventry)

Private dog training sessions are also available to get you started both started on the right paw before you attend classes, please check out Private Dog Training Sessions page

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Emma, Darren, Beth & Phoebe – Willow

‘Willow is getting on really well and we are all happy practicing with her at home with the tools you have given us.
Thank you very much for all of your help, we have really enjoyed the classes so far and have learnt so much.’

Reece & Laura – Rosie

‘Thank you for all your help.  We can defiantly see progress and will work in that with the cat.
We enjoyed it an will recommend you to our friends should they need help’

Anne Johns – Penny

Penny and I have had such fun at Carrie’s Thursday evening class. Carrie’s training is based on reward, praise and encouragement and Penny has flourished in this class. I cant recommend this class highly enough as I will be back as soon as I can.

Adam Bird – Dexter

Dexter & I have been attending carries puppy school for the last few months. As a novice dog owner I was looking for a single source of information & advice which Carrie has provided time & time again. We have learnt all the basics and a few tricks. The classes are small which gives each person more attention which is great! If your looking for a relaxed puppy class where you & your dog can learn together then this is the one for you. ThNk you for all your help!

Stacey White – Trevor

Me and Trev (my dog) have been going to Carries training classes for 12 weeks now. The improvement in Trev is out of this world! I cant recommend the training enough! Had positive comments from both the Groomers and Vet about Trevs behaviour! Cant wait to continue in the New Year!


Dog training classes

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