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We are an alternative to taking your cat to a cattery and upsetting your pets routine

Our Coventry Cat Sitting Service & Small Pet Care Visits are an awesome option for you if you are away for a weekend break or for a longer holiday.

By using our service, it allows your cats and small animals to be cared for in the comfort and security of their own home, this in turn allows them to keep to their daily routine and gives you one thing less to worry about, so you are able to enjoy your break.

We want to help you prevent stress that a cattery can sometimes cause, as we know cats are territorial and are much happier and more relaxed staying in their own home.  They can often dislike the change that our holidays can being to them, so let us keep them content in an environment they know and love.

Why not rely on our Cat Sitters and Pet Careers that will help your pet settle whilst you can’t be with them.

Despite your absence, by being in their own home and keeping to their usual routine they soon accept a cat and pet sitter coming in to care for them and provide them with some company and fuss.

There is no longer a need to ask a friend or neighbour to care for your pet, as we are here to help!

What happens during the visits?

Whilst we are at your home we clean their bowls and give your pet fresh water and food and clean out their litter tray, if they use one.

We also provide your cat with some company and fuss as well as play with your pet.

We can update you via text, WhatsApp or email whilst you are away from your pets, so that you can see they are happy in our care.

We can also provide you with extra services whist visiting your cat and small animals.  Such as giving your home an occupied look by closing and opening curtains and turning lights on and off (if we visit twice a day) and watering your plants and bringing in the post.

If you have any extra requirements, please do just ask!

If we notice any changes with your pet, we will leave you a note on your report card that we leave at the end of the visits.  Should we become very concerned, we will of course contact you straight away and will take your pet to a vet if needed.

Get in Touch

If you’ve read all of the above and read our FAQ’s and still have questions regarding our service, please get in touch with us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have

Any questions?



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‘Thank you so much for looking after my crazy lot! Was so reassuring to be able to see photos whilst we were away, put my mind at rest!’

Claire Hindmarsh, Coventry

Please read our Terms & Conditions

Cat Sitter & Small Animal Visits

30 Minutes

**Visits (up to 6 animals)


**Please note Bank Holidays are calculated at a higher rate.

**Full payment is due no later than the day of our first visit. You will be invoiced once the pet sitter has collected your keys.

**Christmas bookings require a deposit  Full payment due no later than December 10th

The initial consultation is free of charge, we like to come out so that we can meet you and your pet and so you can also meet us.  

Whilst we are with you we will run through the required paperwork, collect keys for your home and book in your required dates and times into our diaries.  

We can also run through any extra requirements that you may have.

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Terms & Conditions

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