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Outside Training and Socialisation Classes for your new puppy

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Has your new puppy arrived home?
Wish there was somewhere you could meet up with other new puppy owners?
Keep being told you need to socialise your pup?
Are you wondering whether you are doing everything right, or wrong?
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Then our Puppy Pawadise Club is for you.

Do you have people telling you must socialise your puppy? But how?

  • Let them met every puppy and dog at the park?
  • Have great playtime with every other dog?
  • Run and greet every person you see when out?

If you are allowing your new puppy to do this, I would put a stop to it today.

Allowing your dog to ‘socialise’ to its heart content is just creating a dog that will potentially

  • Jump up at people
  • Bark
  • Pull on the lead
  • Not listen to you

I am going to help and guide you to make having a puppy a joy not a worry and to create that dream dog you have been dreaming of.

What we will look at

  • Focus – to get your pup walking at your side and have their focus on you when on your walks
  • Socialisation – teach you how to read puppies body language and help your pup have successful play sessions
  • Recall – to get that rapid recall away from distractions
  • Paws on the floor

Spaces are limited, so pre-booking is essential.

Our monthly Puppy Pawadise Club is for puppies that have just been vaccinated and are ready to explore to the outside world up to puppies hat are 6 months old.

Your Puppy Training Specalist will be running my Puppy Paradise Club and will be available as a qualified and experienced dog trainer to give free training advice for you and your new arrival.

No question too silly, you will be surprised how many others will probably be thinking it!

Investing in your sparkly new puppy now will save you £££ fixing problems in the future.

A missed opportunity to reward a great choice today,
is a struggle to have to deal with tomorrow
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Spaces are limited so book today!

07710 628 449

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